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Job Title:  Community Disability Services Worker


Reports to:  Assistant Manager, however Manager is responsible for overall supervision


Education Requirement:  Foundations Certificate


Mandatory Training Requirements: Emergency Level First Aid/CPR; Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Back Care and Lifting, Class 4 Driver's License


Experience Requirement:  Experience in the field is an asset, however if no education is in place, a minimum of 1 year of relevant experience is required.



The CDSW is a front-line community disability services role that has responsibility to support and facilitate the development of skills and competencies that will assist persons with disabilities to pursue and fulfill their goals, objectives and aspirations. The primary activities and roles are as follows:


1.      Follow the Individual Service Plan (ISP) and Protocols that were developed to support and assist each Individual's development, community support, behavior management and/or personal care.


2.      Assist and support Individuals to play a part, in a meaningful way, in achieving their goals and to provide opportunities for personal growth and valued roles within the community.  The Individual will also be encouraged to maintain the connections made in the community.


3.      Assist and support Individuals in establishing and maintaining respectful relationships within the community.  This includes assisting and encouraging Individuals to participate effectively in recreational and other social settings.


4.      Be aware of the Individual's physical, social and recreational environments and take action to reduce the risks and increase participation and inclusion. 


5.      Be aware and follow all policies and procedures of the agency.


6.      Understand the issues that may occur in the community but also the opportunities, so that the Individual can be supported in having a more active role in the community.


7.      Model behaviors that are acceptable for the Individual and those in the community.  


8.      Assist and support Individuals to advocate on their own behalf, or when necessary, advocate on behalf of the Individual if the Individual cannot do so.


9.      Maintain clear and objective records and prepare any required reports or other documentation.


10.  Communicate in a professional, timely, accurate and respectful manner with Individuals, staff and those in the community.  Also with the families and guardians of the Individual, when applicable.


11.  Work effectively in a cooperative, team orientated environment, and in doing so, deal with opinions different than his/her own.


12.  Demonstrate knowledge of basic rules and guidelines for personal health and safety, as appropriate.


13.  Obtain a Class 4 Driver's License for the purpose of community outings.


14.  A positive attitude and belief that persons with disabilities have the right and responsibility to make their own life choices and to become active members of the community.



Job Contact Information

Romeo Concepcion


Springboard Centre for Adults with Disabilities

14, 2115 27 Ave NE

Calgary, AB T2E 7E4

Fax: 403 235 3872