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Springboard Centre specializes in serving adults with developmental disabilities who have behavioral challenges.  In order to cater to the unique needs of this population, Springboard Centre offers two distinct program options:


Behavioral Support

This program is for those individuals with mild to moderate behavioral challenges.  This may include individuals who have been diagnosed with a disability that presents with behavioral concerns or those who may need additional support to appropriately address behavioral challenges.  Programs in this area focus on meeting sensory needs, communication development and/or working with aging related challenges.


Communication/Recreational Support

This program is for those individuals with mild to moderate behavioral challenges.  This group includes individuals who require high levels of interaction and display a wide range of skills, abilities, and methods of learning.  These may be individuals who are interested in growing within their existing strategies, and learning new skills.  Programs in this area feature a personal focus on communication development, recreational and socially based activities.


Springboard offers both in-house and external programs, accessing the community resources as needed.  For a summary of the programs that we offer please see our Program Descriptions.   SBC Program Descriptions.pdf

Our programs rest on three pillars:

  1. Determination
    The individuals we serve have an active and decisive voice in making decisions  which affect their lives
  2. Citizenship
    The individuals we serve have their rights and freedoms respected and protected, but also have the opportunity to meet obligations as participating and contributing citizens
  3. Membership
    The individuals we serve belong to families, friends, neighborhoods, schools, places of work, the community

These three pillars set the foundation for the individuals' daily activities within the agency.

Each individual the agency serves, has an Individual Service Plan (ISP).  This plan highlights their abilities, including the growth that has occurred over the past year.  The ISP also highlights the goals of the individual.  This goal is based upon the core value of the individual so that it is meaningful to him/her.   Once the goal has been set, this determines the daily activities of the individual, so that the agency can best assist in the achievement of the goal.

We rely on input from our stakeholders, the caregivers, guardians and parents.  We strongly promote the participatory team approach in making our service the best that it can be.